About SEAP

About SEAP :

SEAP was formed as an association of Software Exporters of Pune in 1998. The initial focus was to interact with various government agencies and provide member software companies with the support they needed for establishing efficient operations. In its second phase, SEAP saw its membership grow and as larger companies made Pune its home, newer needs and newer ideas emerged. The seeds of greater collaboration within the industry were sown. In 2011, a new initiative to encourage start-ups, called Pune connect was launched. Starting with just 10 entrants, Pune Connect attracted 190+ entrants in 2019. That apart, SEAP continues to work closely with various government agencies to provide policy inputs as well as to highlight broader issues faced by member companies.


“To foster a vibrant ecosystem in Pune that enables business and social growth through high-tech** products and services.”

The vision encompasses many things. The use of the term “high tech” recognizes that in a world of social media, mobility, analytics, cloud, Internet of Things and Digital printing, we have to look beyond traditional software and IT. We have to think of Electronics, semiconductors and telecom since all these elements of engineering converge in products and services across industry sectors. The term “technology ecosystem” points at engaging its members in a meaningful manner as well as interacting with other industries, government, associations and academia to explore opportunities for business and social growth.

SEAP looks forward to accomplishing its VISION by:
  • Providing a forum for technology companies of Pune to discuss issues & challenges that they face
  • Proactively participating in improving the eco-system with Partners
  • Providing an opportunity for interaction between the employee of various software companies in Pune by organizing C-level events, Leadership programs, newsgroups, Industry/Government meetings, sharing of best practices, and collaboration on shared interests
  • Enabling its members to present a united front in dealing with the local, state, national organizations & government to reduce obstacles in the day to day operations & to influence policy to promote technology growth in Pune