SEAP Gurukul 2.0

SEAP has been at the forefront in various aspects since its inception. Mentorship is not a new word to the industry, but SEAP realized that enterprise mentorship was a white-space, and it can leverage the fantastic CxO ecosystem to build the future leaders in IT. The Gurukul program is another step towards achieving our aim. The cross-enterprise mentorship program will open up new avenues for aspiring leaders, thus enabling Pune to grow and create a benchmark.

I to I++ is a concept designed by SEAP Gurukul for developing “future leaders”.
Veterans guide and nurture the future leaders with different aspects of industry leadership to help them get to the next level in their career.

SEAP Gurukul Features

  • Self Transformation
  • Personal & 1:1 Mentor Conversation
  • Leaders Connect
  • Inspiration Diaries
  • Business Insights
  • Digital Learning
  • Introspection
  • Goal Seek

SEAP Gurukul 2.0 Mentors

Ashwin Megha

Forgeahead Solutions

Nitin Deshpande

Evolent Health

Ashutosh Parasnis

NewBox Consulting

S Ramprasad

Blue Conch Technologies

Sameer Soman

Managing Director
Thoughtworks India

Seema Joshi

Associate MD

Prashant KS

 Managing Director
IDeaS Revenue Solutions

Vinita Gera

GM-India COE
Dell Technologies

Vishwas Mahajan


Prashant Pansare

Managing Director
Intelliment Technologies

Shridhar Shukla

Managing Director
kPoint Technologies

Priya Tandon

Head  TietoEVRY Pune Site &
HeathCare , Welfare and Education Unit, India

Sandeep Suryavanshi

AideExpert Advisory

Ravi Motwani

Vice President & Managing Director
Sincro India

Nirmala Samant

Rashtram School of Public Leadership

Monish Darda

CTO & Co-founder

Anil Datar

Senior DirectorGlobal Technical
Alliances  Informatica

Radha Shelat

Nevis Networks India Pvt Ltd.


When is this program starting and what is the duration of this program.
The program will start End of Sept and is expected to be a year long program.

Who can join this program
Anyone who has been in senior position in the current job and would like to be an entrepreneur or want to get into the CxO’s positions. This program would also help those who have hit the ceiling and are looking to break the same.

I am not In Pune, Can I be part of this program
The Mentors are all based in Pune, hence we would like you to be in Pune to get the best out of the program.

Can you elaborate on the program
SEAP Gurukul is a cross mentorship program where veteran leaders from another organization will mentor  future leaders through 1 :1 mentorship.

what are key take aways
Personal & 1:1 Mentor Conversation | Leaders Connect | Inspiration Diaries | Business Insights | Digital Learning | Introspection | Goal Seek | Self Transformation

Is there any fees
You all will get access to exclusive learning content, external speakers, inspiring leaders and most important the best Mentors from Industry. For this a nominal one time administrative fee of Rs. 25,000 will be charged.

Can I choose my mentor
Yes. You will be given the choice to select the mentor. You will be asked to select 3 mentors and you should be able to get one of them. In a very  unlikely situation you may have to choose the 4th one.

Will I get certification of this program
Yes. We have a convocation ceremony at the end of the program. Glimpses of the Gurukul 1.0 convocation ceremony are on the website.

Time Commitment
You are entering an exclusive club which will enhance your career and shape up your future. Time investment is crucial in the learning process but we understand the time required for your day job. A time commitment of 6 to 8 hours per month at the minimum is expected.

Can I interact/work with more than one mentors?
Your mentor will be with you in the entire journey. However you will have the opportunity to talk to other mentors on specific topics.

Does this program grant me access to various other SEAP activities and networking events?
Yes. You will be a privileged guest to all SEAP events.


I am looking for a promotion in my current organization, how does this program help me achieve that?
Success is an outcome of the efforts and putting the right step forward. SEAP provides you with a platform to understand the dynamics and connect the dots.

Does successful completion of program make me eligible to apply to be part of SEAP EC?
The current SEAP EC has 2 leaders from the 1st program of Gurukul. SEAP is always on a lookout of leaders who can contribute to the community. The  governing body will take the final decision at the time of AGM.

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